Why Do Puppies Eat Their Poop?

Why Do Puppies Eat Their Poop?

Eating poop, also called coprophagia, is really quite commonplace in puppies. There are some theories as to why dogs have interaction on this behavior.

Key Takeaways

  • Coprophagia is not unusual in puppies beneath 1 year old
  • Puppies can also consume poop because of natural curiosity and exploration
  • Eating feces may be an evolutionary intuition to keep the den easy
  • Puppies may additionally research the behavior from their moms
  • Health problems like malnutrition or intestinal parasites can purpose coprophagia
  • Providing right nutrients, more common poop clean-up, distraction, and deterrents can stop the conduct

Puppies discover the world round them with their mouth, so obviously dog poop can become a target for research and intake. Here are some of the primary theories behind why puppies eat poop:

Natural Curiosity and Exploration

Puppies are naturally curious, especially whilst they may be between 3 and six months old. Eating their own poop or poop from another dog in the family is possibly due to curiosity and exploration. Puppies use their mouths to explore, similar to infants positioned the whole lot of their mouths.

Eating poop may be an instinctual behavior that dogs will naturally outgrow. As puppies become old and pass past the herbal exploration phase, coprophagia usually stops.

Evolutionary Instinct

Some experts theorize that consuming feces is an evolutionary intuition in puppies to hold their residing area easy. In the wild, dogs lived in dens with their litter associates. Consuming the poop may have helped hold the den easy and freed from parasites.

Even domesticated dogs can also retain this instinct to consume poop to shield their domestic environment. Puppies may additionally see their crate or backyard as their personal area and try and preserve it easy by using ingesting poop.

Learned Behavior From Mother

Puppies might also learn how to consume poop from gazing the conduct of their mom. Mother puppies will smooth up after their puppies by consuming their feces, to cover signs from predators that there are susceptible dogs.

Puppies that witness their mother consuming poop might also replicate the behavior, much like dogs learn different behaviors and verbal exchange cues from grownup dogs. This discovered addiction may preserve even when the domestic dog is not with its littermates and mother.

Health Issue Causes

While ingesting poop is ordinary in dogs, there may be health motives at the back of coprophagia as nicely. Some fitness situations which could reason a doggy to eat poop include:

  • Malnutrition – A puppy without proper nutrients and vitamins from its food plan may consume its very own poop to reabsorb vitamins.
  • Intestinal parasites – Worms, along with roundworms, whipworms or hookworms, may purpose malabsorption of vitamins, prompting poop eating behaviors.
  • Enzyme deficiency – A loss of digestive enzymes can suggest poop nevertheless has dietary value, so puppies consume their feces.
  • Low fiber food plan – Too little fiber in a domestic dog’s meals can also cause coprophagia. Fiber enables keep the colon surroundings most effective.

Other possible health-related elements are dietary deficiencies, like low zinc or thiamine, bacterial imbalances inside the gut, or genetics. Underlying fitness troubles have to be dealt with to lessen the poop consuming conduct.

When Do Puppies Outgrow Eating Poop?

Most puppies will prevent ingesting poop by means of 6 months to at least one yr vintage. As dogs mature, their herbal interest, exploratory instinct, and tendency to imitate behaviors might also fade.

Proper training, providing mental stimulation via play, and maintaining their environment easy can also assist dogs outgrow coprophagia behaviors.

Here is a general timeline for pup poop consuming behaviors:

Age Poop Eating Behavior
eight – 16 weeks Consistently eats poop
4 – 6 months Poop eating decreases
6 – 12 months Most puppies stop via this age

Of path, every puppy is different. Some puppies develop out of consuming poop in advance or later than those averages. Contact your veterinarian if poop ingesting maintains past 1 12 months antique to rule out any fitness troubles.

Stopping Puppy Coprophagia

While coprophagia is not unusual in dogs, puppy proprietors locate it unpleasant. Here are a few recommendations to deter poop consuming whilst your domestic dog matures:

Frequent Poop Cleanup

Pick up poop inside the yard right now, don’t supply puppy the chance to devour it. Take your domestic dog out on a leash so you can screen them and smooth up after them.

Proper Nutrition

Feed a extraordinary puppy food and avoid reasonably-priced fillers. Consult your vet about adding enzyme supplements or probiotics.

Distraction and Deterrents

When you see your doggy going close to poop, distract them with a noisy noise or toy. There are also deterrent sprays available.

Exercise and Play

Keep puppy entertained and happy with games, schooling, and outdoor walks to deter undesirable behaviors.

Obedience Training

Use effective reinforcement strategies to teach “leave it” and “drop it” instructions. This teaches domestic dog now not to eat poop.

Limit Access

Block off areas wherein your pup maintains finding poop. If it’s miles any other puppy’s poop, location it in a region the pup can not access.

Medical Care

See your vet to rule out any underlying scientific reason. Get regular deworming and check for deficiencies.

With vigilance and schooling, puppies can kick the poop ingesting dependancy for good as they mature. Be patient, consistent and praise exact behaviors as your pup grows.

The Bottom Line

Eating poop is not unusual in dogs below one year old because of herbal curiosity and instincts. While the addiction appears unappealing to owners, it’ll frequently resolve on its very own as the doggy ages. Make positive your puppy’s health and diet are most advantageous to deter poop consuming behaviors. With time, consistency and wonderful reinforcement most puppies will outgrow this bizarre addiction.