lyrics to jay z new york

lyrics to jay z new york

Key Takeaways on Jay-Z’s “New York” Lyrics

  • The song is a love letter to New York City and Jay-Z’s hometown of Brooklyn.
  • It touches on his career journey from drug dealer to famous rapper.
  • The lyrics reference many New York landmarks and icons.
  • Jay-Z expresses his complicated relationship with New York. He loves it but also critiques it.
  • The song has a nostalgic vibe as Jay-Z reflects on his come up in the city.

Jay-Z’s 2004 track “New York” offers a glimpse into his deep connection to and feelings about New York City. As one of the world’s most famous rappers, Jay-Z often reflects on his journey from growing up in Brooklyn projects to becoming a hip-hop icon. “New York” encapsulates his love for his hometown and the city that made him who he is.

lyrics to jay z new york

lyrics to jay z new york

Homage to New York Landmarks

The song’s lyrics are filled with references to iconic New York City landmarks and cultural institutions. By name-dropping these places, Jay-Z establishes New York as a key character in its own right within the song.

Some of the New York locations mentioned include:

  • Yankee Stadium – Home of the New York Yankees baseball team.
  • Coney Island – Classic oceanfront amusement park area in Brooklyn.
  • Astoria – Queens neighborhood where Jay-Z lived for a time.
  • 42nd Street – Busy midtown Manhattan street and tourist destination.
  • World Trade Center – Site of the twin towers destroyed on 9/11.
New York Place Description
Yankee Stadium Home of the New York Yankees baseball team
Coney Island Classic oceanfront amusement park area in Brooklyn
Astoria Queens neighborhood where Jay-Z lived for a time

By calling out these famous locales, Jay-Z roots his story in the fabric of New York. It emphasizes that the city is fundamental to his identity and success.

Reflecting on His Come Up

In signature Jay-Z style, the lyrics touch on his drug-dealing past and eventual rise to fame and fortune. He raps about “moving snowflakes by the OZ” and later boasts about selling out shows at Madison Square Garden.

These bars are a testament to how far the rapper has come through determination and his musical talents. The song takes on a nostalgic vibe as Jay-Z recounts formative experiences that shaped him:

I got my dues paid, I seen the bottom crack Had to reinstate my hustler’s intuition back

The track serves as a retrospective of his journey to the top. Jay-Z reminds listeners of his boldness and business savvy that helped him achieve success legitimately after his early criminal enterprises.

Love Letter to New York

At its core, “New York” is a love song dedicated to the city Jay-Z calls home. The rapper expresses his endless fascination with and passion for the city:

I give my heart to the streets that made my beat Loyal to you, like the DJ’s still spin “Cold Crush”

These lyrics reveal the depth of Jay-Z’s bond to New York. Even as a world famous star, he stays loyal to his roots.

However, it’s not a simplistic portrait of the city. Jay-Z recognizes its flaws and failings alongside its greatness. He takes a balanced perspective with both celebration and critique.

Welcome to New York, where dreams come true and nightmares too, there’s nothing you can’t do

This couplet sums up the contradictory, complex nature of New York that Jay-Z tries to capture.


In “New York”, Jay-Z masterfully weaves together lyrical references to create an ode to the city that made him. He reflects on the key moments and locations that defined his early life and musical journey. Underneath it all is a profound love for New York, in all its chaos, grit and brightness. The track provides a strikingly intimate glimpse into Jay-Z’s relationship with the town he proudly calls home.